action, his deeds. Therefore, a writer would presumably write about a man who was better off than man really was, or conversely, worse off that he really was. Comedy represents

Oedipus, A Tragic Hero

No. It appears that the pride that he feels goes to his own humanity. A tragic hero is not superhuman. Rather, he is lifelike. And while Oedipus in part is

Comedy According to Aristotle

examples might help to explain that conclusion. Many are familiar with comedic routines and the fact that indeed, much relayed has to do with the inferior. Situation comedies for example

Socrates' Influence on Plato and Aristotle

none survived. Aristophanes and Plato wrote about him indirectly; Platos Socrates was a central character in much of his work, and certainly in his early dialogues (Carr, 1997).

How Shakespeare Deviates from Aristotle’s ‘Tragic Hero’ Definition in “Othello”

the culmination of the events that he himself caused. William Shakespeare was obviously quite familiar with the criteria of the Aristotelian hero because his most memorable dramas featured protagonists

How Aristotle Opposes Plato's Attack on Poetry

a sense that poetry matters. First, Platos Republic needs to be examined. Indeed, it does seem as if Plato is somewhat afraid of poetry. To people in this day and

Aristotle’s and Plato’s Theories in Philip Sidney’s Apology for Poetry Also Known as A Defence of Poesie

that the prevailing attitudes that existed were strongly "strongly influenced by neo-Platonism" (Kinney 51). However, interestingly, Sidney does not launch an all-out attack on the philosophers that have harshly

Using Aristotle to Analyze "Hamlet"

means some should be spoken and some should be sung (Aristotle). Perhaps the most important part of his observation, and one that is always mentioned in connection with him, is


action by the end of the play (cathartic release), and falls into two parts comprising a complication and a d?nouement(Else/Aristotle 1237). First, the true tragedy, according to Aristotle, demands a

Avenue Q, Joe Turner & Aristotle

with a little romance thrown in for good measure. Of course, character, is Aristotles second category. Avenue Q encompasses the stories of the residents of this street who are

The Nature of Love in Human Nature: Insight from Plato and Aristotle

nature is desirous of procreation - procreation which must be in beauty and not in deformity; and this procreation is the union of man and woman, and is a divine

Aristotle: The Nicomachean Ethics

the ends) and that in this context, the end products are always better than the means that produced them (Aristotle, Book I, 2009). That is, the end good of medical

The Concept of Telos According to Aristotle

and the rest of their nature is so organized that it is able to achieve the goal ("Aristotle," 2003). Aristotle believed that the essential nature of things is

The Concept of Good According to Aristotle and Plato

Carol could not wait for it to snow so she could go skiing. Is snow good? It is hard to tell because the term "good" always involves perception, and circumstance,

Morris's If Aristotle Ran General Motors

not good and people can prosper even while being honest. If people considered the virtues of truth, beauty, goodness, and unity, they would do well in business and in life.